Wheeler Antabanez is the author of gasstationthoughts (Barricade Books, 2001),which caused a stir when Antabanez was arrested for its contents. Despite the drama surrounding gasstationthoughts, Wheeler is probably best known for his Weird NJ special issue, Nightshade on the Passaic, which chronicles his canoe explorations of the Passaic River in New Jersey. He is the author of The Old Asylum and Other Stories published by Sagging Meniscus Press in 2016. Wheeler also has a forthcoming novel, Matt and Jess Forever, and is currently finishing work on his non-fiction speedboat-adventure, Wheeler on the Passaic. Words of Overbrook, a full-length spoken word album is his latest release.

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Pictured: Wheeler in the nose bubble of a B-17 Bomber, flying over the Passaic River in Wayne, NJ.
Photo: Rob Moorhead