This video features all 6 blasts. Visit for the individual videos




workers use a crane to place heavy blasting mats on the foundation they are about to blow up.
this contains the blast and minimizes airborne debris.
they call this matting the shot.



workers wear protective helmets as they guide mats into place to help contain the blast






this is the first of 6 explosions to remove the piers that served as the foundation for the old Route 3 bridge



the orange smoke that accompanied all 6 blasts is caused by a chemical reaction between the water and the explosion



no more pier. the foundation on the left is blast #2 and the one on the right is blast #3



blasters and construction guys admiring their work on the first day of shooting



workers set the charge for blast #2



this explosion was scheduled for the daytime, but was moved to midnight.
the tides dictated when the explosions would happen because they helped to contain the blasts



this would have been an amazing picture, but the air concussion from the explosion shook the camera equipment.
unfortunatly the long exposure was blurred.



smoke from the blast briefly paints a picture over the dark waters of the Passaic River



midnight explosions are worth the effort it takes to witness them



this picture is of the third explosion



the shockwave from the third blast can be seen clearly in this image



before you scroll down to the next picture make a mental note of the water level along the bank



the inevitable tsunami sucks water and ice from the shoreline



that wave has a nice break



nonel shock tube burning towards the piers on the other side of the river. 4th blast



this 4th explosion took place at 4:17 AM and reportedly woke people up for miles around



the 5th blast rising from beneath the bridge



visually this was the most beautiful of the explosions. ghost shot



the spirit of the Passaic River briefly reveals her shrouded form



these explosions were incredibly loud especially when they took place in the dead of night



explosion #6 final shot



you can really see the foundation coming apart on this one









orange smoke lingers after the sixth and final blast under the Rt. 3 Passaic River crossing



Route 3 Eastbound. New York in the background. The bridge in the mid ground.