"His first novel, "Matt and Jess Forever", is a sweet and infectious romantic love story. However, it does center on a Satanic-loving goth couple who give birth to the antichrist." -Exit Weekly

80,000 word manuscript
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a satanic love story

by Wheeler Antabanez

  sample chapter:  

 Chapter 1
 It was the second week in February.  The weather was brutal wind, icy streets, and six inches of snow.  I was walking home from the bank where I had just cashed my last unemployment check.  Despite three layers of clothes, I was unable to stop shivering.
 As I trudged through the slush, I thought hard about the rent I owed for my studio apartment.  It was already four months late and I knew that come March, I wouldn’t be able to talk my way out of an eviction. 
 A couple blocks from home I stopped at the window of Razoo Razoo, which was my favorite restaurant.  I caressed the two hundred dollars in my pocket, wishing I could afford just one beer.  I stared at the happy, smiling bar scene and then at my own frozen face in the glass. 
 After several moments of painful contemplation I said, “Fuck it,” and went inside. 
 As I walked through the doors a beautiful hostess greeted me and the atmosphere was especially warm and inviting.  It was exactly two weeks past my 26th birthday and I was feeling old, cold, and more than a little bit lonely.  My life seemed to be falling apart, but as I sat at the bar and gulped down my first beer, all my winter worries began to float away. 
 When I was almost finished, the bartender asked me, “Another Yuengling?”
 “OK. Sure.”  I said.
 I was sitting by the tap, and as she poured, I watched her heart beating in the jugular of her neck.
 I said to her, “I can see your heartbeat.”
 “What do you mean?”  She asked, setting my beer on a coaster.
 “Oh, I was just looking at your neck and I saw your pulse.”
 She shot me a smile.  “So you really are a vampire?”
 This question confused me.  “What’s that supposed to mean?”
 “Nothin.  It’s just that we see you in here sometimes and you have that nosferatu look.”
 This sort of shocked me a little and flattered me too. “So you think I’m some kind of monster?”
 “No!” She gasped and lightly laid her hand on mine, “Vampires are kind of sexy.”  She smiled at me and went off to mix another round for one of the waitresses.
 I watched her pouring drinks, and smiling at everyone.  I had been served by this barmaid numerous times, but we hadn’t really spoken much except for the general please and thank yous of a busy bar.  Now, a little door had been opened and when she was finished with the drinks we began to talk. 
 She asked me, “So do you like to drink blood Mr. Dracula?
 “Well I wouldn’t pass it up if you were offering.”  I replied.
 She leaned in close, “You can’t drink my blood, but there is someone here who might let you.  I think she has a little crush.”
 My cheeks must have gotten red; “Oh really?” was all I could say.
 She pointed across the crowded dining room and my eyes followed obediently.  Jess was standing at a table with her hands on her hips, laughing with some customers.  It seemed to me she was glowing in the dimly lit room.  As she walked away from the table, she glanced over, caught my eye and then looked at the bartender, who was leaning into my ear.  All three of us smirked at the same time and she unexpectedly walked over and introduced herself. “Hi, I’m Jessica.”
 I was shocked, my mind frozen.  I had seen this waitress a few times at the bar, but we never had the opportunity to talk.  Now that she was finally near me I just stared, absorbing her features up close for the first time.  She was a creature of the night, flawlessly undead.  Tiny purple streaks coursed through her black hair and she had a ring through her lip.  She seemed perfect, but I could tell there was something strange about her appearance.  At first I couldn’t place it, but then suddenly it hit me; the color of her right eye was a radiant blue, while her left was a brown so dark that her pupil was barely visible.  I blurted out, “Jessica, you have the eyes of a wolf.” 
 Jess smiled, and the bartender said “Oh yeah.  You two are gonna get along just fine,” before going off to mix more drinks.
 Jessica howled at me “Ow ow Awhooooooo” like a wolf, snarled viciously and stuck out her hand.  “What’s your name?”
 I took her hand, “Pleased to meet you Jessica.  My name is Matt.”
 “Well, I’m very pleased to finally meet you Mr. Matt, but I have to go back to work now.  I get off in about an hour if you wanna hang out.”
 I said to her “One question…”
 She smiled. “Shoot.”
 I leaned in close and whispered in her ear.  “Do you smoke weed?”
 She turned her head and started laughing, “Hell yeah.”
 “Good,” I said.
 “I’ll be done soon.  Check ya lata.”
 I smiled and sighed with relief.  I had learned to ask that one all-important question first, and I was glad she had the right answer for me. 
As I watched her work, breezing through the crowded restaurant, I began to feel aroused in a way I had never felt before.  She came up behind me while I was on my third Yuengling, tapping my shoulder.  I turned around on the barstool and was shocked again by her youth and her beauty. 
 Her hair was down and long, framing her ghostly face.  Pale was not the word for this princess; she looked like the most beautiful living dead girl I’d ever seen.  She had changed into a black wife beater, combat boots, tight black jeans and she wore a belt that matched my own 3 rows of square metal studs.  The woman standing before me was supremely beautiful and all I could think was, 'Wow!  This is the girl who has a crush on me?  Holy shit!'
 “So Miss Jessica, I must warn you that contrary to popular belief, I am not a vampire.”
 “But did you ever wish that you were?” she asked.
 I stared at her for a second and changed the subject.  “Can I buy you a drink?”
 She said, “You can, but not here.  They know I’m not 21 at the Zoo.”
 “Ha, the Zoo. I never heard that before.”
 “This place is a zoo,” she laughed.
 “Well,” I said.  “We could swing by the liquor store on the walk back to my apartment if you want to smoke a joint.”
 She said, “Aren’t you going to ask me how old I am?”
 “How old are you Jessica?” 
 “I’m nineteen.  How old are you?”
 I felt my right cheek curling up into a little smirk, and it made her smile. 
 “Are you a hundred?  Are you really a vampire like everyone says?”
 I didn’t reply and I thought for a second that she might be stupid, but then she started laughing and said, “Everyone calls you Dracula here at the Zoo and they call me Morticia.  They think we would get along perfect.”
 “Well, I hope they’re right.”
 “It’s not just them.  I see it too.  The first time I saw you I felt something strange in the pit of my stomach and I knew instantly that somehow, some way, I might even end up loving you.”
 “Whoa, that’s crazy talk Jess." I said helping her on with her jacket, "Let’s take a walk and sort this whole thing out.”
She beamed at me, “OK, Baby.” and grabbed my hand as we walked out smiling.

©2015 wheeler antabanez