Words of Overbrook

Made For Video • 50 min • Documentary • History • Experimental • Multimedia • Released April 1, 2019

A trespassing poet records the last moments of Overbrook Asylum

Walk the decaying halls of Overbrook Asylum with Wheeler Antabanez. Witness the demolished institution as it briefly flickers back to life on screen. Tread quietly through the shadows of the abandoned mental wards while avoiding police and security guards. Watch breathlessly as the asylum is smashed to pieces by heavy machinery. Wheeler takes us through the Essex County Hospital Center in Cedar Grove, NJ. The journey begins in 2007 when the the asylum was fully vacated and climaxes with the final demolition sequences of 2018. Based on the book and spoken word album of the same title, Words of Overbrook follows the abandonment and destruction of New Jersey's most infamous insane asylum

Wheeler is a Montclair based author and rogue journalist best known for his 2007 Weird NJ special issue, Nightshade on the Passaic chronicling his canoe explorations of the Passaic River. He is the author of The Old Asylum and Other Stories, Words of Overbrook, and several other books. Wheeler is a lifelong resident of New Jersey. Visit his website at luckycigarette.com or on instagram: @wheeler_antabanez