Weird NJ issue #48 May 2017
Wheeler on the Passaic

Chapter 8 of Wheeler's forthcoming book Wheeler on the Passaic. Mark Moran and Wheeler take a cruise in the Sevas Natas down the Passaic River, through Newark Bay and up the Hackensack River to Snake Hill.

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spoken word album

Wheeler paints verbal pictures of the abandoned Essex County Hospital Center in Cedar Grove, NJ. This wide-ranging recording delves into the history of Overbrook Asylum from the point of view of a habitual trespasser who grew up near the hospital.

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Weird NJ issue #47 October 2016
Welcome To Hell
Hilltop Collage

Wheeler pays tribute to the Overbrook Asylum and the Essex Mountain Sanatorium.

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In these stories, illustrated with evocative paintings by the author, the broken hulk of the Overbrook Psychiatric Hospital comes vividly back to life, reanimated by a spirit of risk-taking, transgressive adventure, macabre humor, and the author's comprehensive artistic and personal mission to create from the ruins of our collective past an imaginative, vibrantly living whole.

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Weird NJ issue #45 October 2015
Ghost Ships of the Arthur Kill

Captain Frank and Wheeler take a jetboat cruise to the scuttled ships of the Arthur Kill. Ride along as they visit the Staten Island Ship Graveyard, the SS Meow Man, and the abandoned McMyler coal dumper.

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Weird NJ issue #40 May 2013
Investigation of the Passaic River Gravestones

Wheeler and his band of faithful researchers delve into the history behind the mystery of the Passaic River gravestones. Join Wheeler on a weird journey into the lives and deaths of Nina Leskitz and Louis Holzer as he attempts to find out how their grave markers ended up on the banks of the Passaic River in Newark.

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Weird NJ issue #38 May 2012
Mystery of the Passaic River Gravestones

Wheeler stumbles upon a pile of gravestones on the Passaic River in Newark. He recovers one for his backyard and embarks on a weird mission to find out how the headstones got into the river.

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Weird NJ issue #36 May 2011
Hollow Hilltop
The last tunnel on the mountain

Wheeler explores the last remnant from the Essex Mountain Sanatorium: a tunnel that once stretched from the red garage buildings to the nurses quarters.

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Weird NJ issue #35 October 2010
Abandoned On The Passaic
Wheeler and X. Ray Visit The Bat Factory

X. Ray Burns of WFMU fame joins Wheeler on a walk through the abandoned bat factory in Kearny and shares his remembrances of the night it blew up.

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Weird NJ issue #31 October 2008
Wheeler's Passaic River Mail

If you sent Wheeler mail after reading Nightshade on the Passaic it probably ended up in this special section. 8 pages of weird letters pertaining to the Passaic River.

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Weird NJ Presents: Nightshade on the Passaic August 2007

Wheeler's special issue devoted entirely to his adventures on the Passaic River. The only full length narrative ever published by WNJ and a bestseller to this day.

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Weird NJ issue #29 October 2007
Nightshade on the Passaic

The article that convinced WNJ to publish a special issue about Wheeler's adventures on the river. If you haven't read this piece you haven't read the full story.

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Weird NJ issue #28 May 2007
Hilltop Care Center
Born and Razed

Two teenage boys and a pregnant girl burn down one of Wheeler's favorite haunts. Antabanez's debut story in WNJ.

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and the daily journal of wheeler antabanez
by matt kent
Barricade Books
April 2001
isbn: 1569801991

The book that started Wheeler's career. After his arrest by the Caldwell Police Wheeler fights to get his manuscript published and to stay out of jail.

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