A full-length spoken word album
written and performed by Wheeler Antabanez

Wheeler paints verbal pictures of the abandoned Essex County Hospital Center in Cedar Grove, NJ. This wide-ranging recording delves into the history of Overbrook Asylum from the point of view of a habitual trespasser who grew up near the hospital. It also examines the lives of the patients who called Overbrook home and chronicles the ongoing demolition of the insane asylum. With 100% new material, Words of Overbrook picks up where Wheeler's The Old Asylum leaves off. Prepare yourself for some spooky listening and embark on a journey through Overbrook Asylum with Weird NJ correspondent Wheeler Antabanez.

The album can be purchased from a variety of online stores so you can take it with you. It's the perfect listening for a long drive or if you're doing work around the house. You can also choose to listen to the album track by track on youtube for free using the videos below. If you enjoy Words of Overbrook please share it with a friend :)

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