Wheeler on the Passaic

For those of you who enjoyed Nightshade on the Passaic, the best selling Weird NJ special issue, Wheeler on the Passaic will be a must read book. Picking up where Nightshade left off, Wheeler turns his attention to the lower Passaic, this time in a 70 horsepower speedboat, the Sevas Natas. Readers are invited to join Wheeler on a journey into the heart of North Jersey as he reaches high speeds on the polluted Passaic River. Now, after 2 years of intensive exploration, Wheeler is working hard to transform over 600 notebook pages into a full-length book. He will also be reviewing hundreds of hours of video footage and crafting it into a movie about his adventures on the river. Production is ongoing for these projects, but you can click the link below for a sneak preview.


Still Images

Yeah, Wheeler takes a lot of pictures. There is so much to see out there on the river: homeless people dwelling under bridges, EPA scientists measuring pollution levels, police boats recovering dead bodies, dredgers mining for dioxin, voodoo rituals along the banks, gravestones in the water, the list could go on forever. The bulk of the Wheeler's photo collection is saved for the book and movie project, but here is a sampling of photos from the voyage. At the bottom of the gallery you can find a link to more pictures. Click, click, click, enjoy!

wheeler's Passaic River photos

Moving Images

In addition to snapping a lot of pics, Wheeler is also heavily invested in taking video. Using tripods and cameras mounted to the boat, Wheeler was able to record almost constant video of his Passaic River antics. W.O.T.P. the movie, will be a rare glimpse into North Jersey's watery underworld. The finished product will contain the distilled essence of two years worth of speedboat exploration on the lower Passaic. You can expect high stakes boating, daring bridge climbs, lots of graffiti, dead bodies, up close homeless people, tons of abandoned buildings and an in-depth look at the incredible weirdness Wheeler discovers along the Passaic. For now, while the book and movie are coming together, please enjoy this selection of Wheeler's favorite homemade youtube shorts...

wheeler's choice

Published Works

Wheeler is a writing machine. He starts all his projects in notebooks, then transcribes them into the computer for editing. When he's done with the fine tuning and layout, he puts in the leg work and makes sure his story ends up between two covers. On this page you will find a complete list of Wheeler's published writing. Each piece started as scribbles on a page and found completion in print. Links are provided if you would like to order any of the materials listed.

wheeler in print

Press Clippings

Wheeler has been making news for quite some time with his various projects. This page is a sample of clippings throughout the years. Looking back at these articles, it's easy to see how the Passaic River guided Wheeler towards a better future than the one he had originally intended for himself. These press clippings represent milestones in the career of an uncompromising author who was lucky enough to receive inspiration from the Passaic River at a critical time in his life.

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About Wheeler

Wheeler is a North Jersey native hailing from West Caldwell and living in Montclair. His home base along the river is Rapp's Boatyard in Kearny, NJ. Wheeler has been working his whole life towards becoming a full-time writer. It wasn't until he heard the call of the Passaic that his dreams began to come true. With ten years of Passaic River exploration under his belt, two years of which were spent steadily patrolling the lower river in the Sevas Natas, Wheeler finally feels qualified to sit down and write a definitive book about the Passaic River.

wheeler's official bio


Every young man should be lucky enough to grow up next to an abandoned hospital. Wheeler had two! Wheeler spent his childhood hanging around the abandoned Essex Mountain Sanatorium, and his early adulthood wandering the deteriorating halls of the Overbrook Insane Asylum. These crumbling hospitals inspired a young Wheeler to be curious about his surroundings and later served as the training grounds for his career as an explorer. They have also been the subject of much of Wheeler's writing, some of which can be read in the following section...

over the brook